Cable available in single and twin (tracer) colours. Also multicores with black outer, Cotton Braided in colours and Aluminium Armoured in single and multicore types.
Sleevings available
General PVC Black or Grey. Convoluted Black split/unsplit. Expanding Braid Black or Grey Bitumen coated Fabric in Black Spiralband Black and Colours. Heatshrink Polyolefin in Black and Colours.
Most types of Bulbs stocked in 6, 12 and 24 Volt. Over 400 different part numbers in stock.
Selected Other Products
  • Terminals
  • Grommets
  • Cable Clips
  • Metal, Rubber & Nylon Ties
  • Various Multi-connectors
  • Crimp & Strip Tools
  • Flasher Relays
  • Fuses & Fuseboxes
  • Loom & Insulation Tapes
  • Ignition Terminals
  • Spark Plug Caps
  • Champion® Sparkplugs
  • Coils, Cable & Accessories
  • Bullet Lamps
  • Fender Lamps
  • 5” C/P Spotlamps
  • Pattern 7” P700 Tripod Lamp
  • Number Plate Lamps
  • Stainless Steel Reverse/Fog Lamps
  • Relays
  • Optimate/Accumate Chargers & Accessories
  • Regulator/Control Boxes
  • Pattern Lucas Magento Pickups
  • Solid State Motorcycle Rectifiers
  • Bulbholders
  • Headlamp Shells & Visors
  • Motorcycle & Car Switchgear
  • Horns in 6 & 12 Volts
  • 5¾” & 7” Lamp Units
  • Washer Bottles & 12 Volt Pumps
  • Rear & Indicator Lamps

We supply through attending shows within the UK, and by Mail Order.
Payment accepted by Cash/Sterling Cheque at shows, and by Sterling Cheque, Postal Order, BACS or Money Transfer (Sterling only) when dealing by Mail Order.
At present we do not accept any Cards or Eurocheques.
Our website is currently under construction and we will soon be able to supply online accepting Credit & Debit Cards.